If Only..!!

O you crystal moon,
so meek and calm.
You entice me away,
with your mysterious charm.

I, a mortal piece, here
see the chained creepers of lands.
Pardon me, but with soggy eyes..
I did envy you,
the tranquility, the bliss
you are bestowed with.!!

Yes I envied you,until,
this evening,
I realized a different You...

Seeing you all the time,
Now I do ponder
So repressed and solitary
such a lone treader.!!

Lo you shiny mass
sometime, to me, do descend
For I wanna hear you
Now you don't be reticent

A wrong tack that I was in,
I wish to know you more.
Unfolding your subtle half,
which, till now, you
have kept in store.!!

O thou,
Be kind and spend,
a brief sojourn.
I can't just wait,
till another morn.!!

Bleed-ed and alone
you bear the bane.
I want to share
a part of your pain.!!

If only,
You consider me that worth..